Into the night

I’m old.

Not Methuselah old, but still old. I’m married, with a whole lot of kids and a handful of grandkids, one of which I’m lucky enough to be bringing up as my own. I call her Little Buddy and she’s my constant companion and partner in crime. Think Harley Quinn to my Joker.

Except she’s cuter. And possibly naughtier.

I like to write when I can catch a five-minute window, which happens roughly once a day when Lil Buds batteries run down a bit, or my beloved has run out of chores for me to do. Sometimes I’ll blog, other times I’ll do a little something, something on my Work In Progress. Or I’ll nap.

Like I said folks, I’m kinda old.

Take care



2 thoughts on “Into the night

  1. disambiguated

    If you’ve not yet read them, I highly recommend _The Mote in God’s Eye_ and its sequel, _The Gripping Hand_, by Dr. Jerry Pournelle and Larry Niven. If you like those, seek out the other books and stories written by those two authors, both jointly and separately.

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    1. Strangely enough, I was thinking about Mote yesterday after finally getting around to reading Weinbaums Martian Odyssey. I read Note years ago, great book, but it deserves a second reading in light of the ideas sparked off Odyssey. Thanks for posting, much appreciated. Dean


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