Revisiting my past.

I’ve been a gamer all my life. Way back when I remember playing Rummy with my Nan, Uno with my Dad and Space Invaders on a cabinet at the bowling alley. Treasured memories of time well spent. My favourite though is getting hold of D&D in the iconic red box as an 11-year-old, opening it up and falling in love for the first time.

I know, sad right?

The game blew my mind. I was an avid reader then (and now) and to be able to play games set in worlds like the ones I enjoyed reading was enthralling. My circle of friends were amenable to playing and much fun was had. D&D led to AD&D which led to Paranoia, Judge Dredd, Warhammer Fantasy and many, many others. I became a gamer.

I carried on reading, though my tastes switched from fantasy to horror. Dean Koontz, Stephen King and Shaun Hutson ruled the roost, with many, many other writers playing supporting roles. Looking back I can see just how important reading was as it helped me escape the boundaries of a challenging home life.

So here we are today, and I’m still an avid reader, one who is trying his best to write stories of his own. Flicking through my recommends list on Amazon I came across a book that instantly captured my attention: Appendix N by a guy called Jeffro Johnson. Appendix N, for those who don’t know, was in the original Ad&D rulebook and highlighted the books that had helped inspire Gary Gygax.

I made up my mind there and then to do likewise, to take a look at these stories, broaden my horizons and rediscover something that I missed in my childhood. When I’ve read through the list I’m going to read through Jeffros Book (he has a great blog btw, you should go and check it out!) and see where our opinions match or don’t as the case may be. Won’t I won’t be doing is trying to tie anything into AD&D, that’s Jeffro’s domain and I’m happy to bend the knee to his much greater knowledge.

I’ll post soon



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