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Storyhack 0: Dead Last by Jay Barnson

Okay, this is getting embarrassing. Three stories so far and all have been great. It’s not like I’m looking for something to hate, or even dislike but you’d think there would be at least one out of the first three that would annoy me.


Warning: SPOILERS!!!

We have a secret agency.
We have mystical tomes.
We have a necromancer.
We have zombies.
We have objects of power.
We have special abilities.
Annnnnd we have guns. Yay for action!

That’s a hell of a lot to squeeze into a short but it all gets shoehorned in, and if it’s a little bit clunky in parts that’s just part of its charm. The writer is clearly enthusiastic about the genre and that really comes through which makes it very easy to get carried away with the story. As a whole, the story works very well indeed.

I do have a niggle and it’s not with the writer though. There is a small problem with the copy editing as every story so far has had mistakes. It’s not much of a problem, but they do tend to dump me straight out of the story when I come across them. Like Flemming rather than Fleming. What can I say, if I wasn’t enjoying this so much I probably wouldn’t have such high expectations.

Back to the story. Barnson handles both the plot and the action well, has created an easy to like hero in the mould of Correia’s Owen Z. Pitt or Butchers Harry Dresden. He’s not perfect, he’s flawed but not so much that he’s a douche. I like that. The worldbuilding seems solid enough and is fun! Another author to add to my rapidly growing list.

That’s pretty much it guys, lil buddy is demanding I do play d’oh with her and there are cakes to be baked.

Until next time take care




40+, married and a full-time father to my granddaughter (don't ask, it's complicated).

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