SPV, some thoughts.

I’ve been interested in Sad/Rabid puppies since the day I had my epiphany after reading ‘If you were a dinosaur. Obviously, as a non-published writer with no dog in the fight, it’s quite easy to see things as an outsider.
Take the Rabid Puppies. It’s run by Vox Day, it’s his ballgame and he can do whatever he wants with it. His aim, which he states quite plainly, is to burn the Hugos down. It’s his church, and if that’s the hymn he wants to play then so be it. As far as I can see, as it was in the beginning so it is now.
The Sad Puppies have changed over the years. Larry Correia had his own agenda, as did Brad Torgerson, as did Katie Paulk. Each did things as they wanted to with varying degrees of success. The aim though always seemed to be getting SFF that is genuinely diverse (as opposed to one message fiction) recognized by Worldcon. I accept that this is a gross oversimplification, but I can’t be arsed to list all the differences.
Sad Puppies 5 was supposed to be headed by Sara Hoyt according to posts put out on The Mad Genius Blog. I remember reading the initial post and thinking that ‘this could be interesting’ seeing it as a natural evolution from Katie Paulks methodology from 2016. As someone who has no desire to give Worldcon one single penny of my money that was as much thought as I put into it.
Her comment about ‘someone wanting to hijack the campaign’ (I paraphrase because it’s late and I’m tired) did seem a little overboard, especially as she didn’t provide any corroborating screencaps etc. Like I said at the start, I don’t have a dog in this fight, so I thought nothing more of it.
Then there came the latest post, which explained why Sad Puppies seemed to miss the entirety of this year’s Hugos. Again, no dog, so I took it all at face value, but one thing struck me. There will be no Sad Puppies 6, or 7 or anything. Now there is just Sad Puppies the brand. One that will run forever with there being no need for any further changes in leadership. If the site goes up as described it will roll over year in year out. Will this detoxify the Puppies? Of course not, that would involve the creators of the Assterixs admitting that they were wrong and they’re not going to do that anytime soon.
Honestly, I think that the Sad Puppy campaigns are now over. The Hugos have changed the rules to ensure their will is and will remain paramount so there will be no change there. The Dragon Awards appear to be totally above board so you can’t campaign against them. Not unless they appear to be the wrong kind of diverse of course. Expect Rainbow Puppies to appear next to bring them in line with Worldcon.
Ye Gods I hope I’m wrong.


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