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Sorry guys I know it’s been a while.
It’s a busy time of the year here in the McSmith Household. Dearly beloved is hard at work, and as that work is in a school and it’s coming up to end-of-year it’s pretty hectic for her, meaning longer days and much longer hours. Anyone who thinks that teachers have an easy life needs to take a serious look at themselves. Lil Buddy has been going to see her new school and fingers crossed it looks like she loves it. Son is back for the summer now that his first year of University is completed, which is a mixed blessing. I love the great big lug but he also annoys the hell out of me too. That’s kids for ya!

I’ve not had a great deal of spare time, it seems some days that 16 of the 24 are taken up by Lil Buddy. The little bit that I do get is usually crashed out in front of my laptop defragging my tired brain. I’m extra tired too because I decided to quit drinking soda a month ago and the loss of caffeine to my system has hit me hard.

That being said I have been enjoying an uptick in my action adventure viewing. I’ve seen both series of Into the Badlands, which were enjoyable, John Wick 2 which was fantastic and both Raid and Raid 2. I liked the first one, not so keen on the second. Book wise it’s been about the craft really.

Which brings me to my last point, a minor irritation. Why do books that are supposed to be about writing focus so heavily on films? The two are very different mediums, that tell stories in vaguely similar ways. They are not and should never be considered interchangeable. What works in one will not necessarily work in the other. Telling me how something works in The Terminator does me no good whatsoever because I’m not making a damned film!

Just a thought.

Anywhoo, y’all take care

See you soon



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