Star Trek: Discovery Episode 5

Question: Why do you watch Star Trek?
We all have our reasons for watching the various incarnations of Star Trek. My own are based around nostalgia, a shared experience with a father that I don’t really remember tied to stories that made me go WOW! as a kid. Star Trek led to Blakes 7, which led to Dr Who which was followed up by The Tomorrow People. These obviously led to the sci-fi genre at my local library. If I need to go back and look at something positive from my childhood this is where I always end up.
And it started with a 7-year-old boy watching reruns of his dads’ favorite show, cuddled up with him on a sofa in Perth, Western Australia. There’s an emotional connection there, something precious to me.
Which is why I won’t be watching any more episodes.
That’s right, this will be the last time I watch ST:D. (Heh, they’re trying to get Trekkies to use DSC instead. Good luck with that.)
So what killed it for me? Was it the Mary Suing? Well, not this week. THIS IS THE PART WHERE I SAY SPOILERS!!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!.
Burnham was a bit part player this week, instead, we focused on the captain, Lorca. He was captured and the team had to go and rescue him. They had to come up with a workaround for the Spore-Drive, which the brilliant genius lieutenant duly provided, while Burnham was acting as the onboard spokesperson for PETA. All well and good.
We followed the captain into captivity and were shown the brutality of the Klingons, who were sub-par with ISIS, to be honest. There was a nasty white man who wanted to spout out some bilge about the evils of colonialism, despite being a rampant capitalist, while also whining about how the good guys started the war. All while having the universes most amazing beard. Seriously, the last time I saw grooming as neat at this was at Crufts, let alone in a cell reserved for human scum. Oh, and he was a coward too, constantly choosing others to be beaten. I know the show’s writers aren’t reading this, but let me tell you a secret. You ready?
Torture is about hurting people. Letting a sociopath chose someone else to be hurt doesn’t cause them pain. It gives them pleasure, the opposite of pain. If you want to hurt El Groomio you’ll have to actually, you know, hurt him.
So that whole part of the show sucked, but not enough to make me stop watching.
The bit at the end where it’s revealed that the Brilliant Genius Lieutenant is gay? Not enough to make me stop watching. If there had been gay guys in the original Star Trek my dad would have still watched it and would have been happy that I watched it too. There would have been comments about my uncle, who is gay. My dad loved him so much he named me after him.
Nope, what did it for me was the swearing.
You read that right. Swearing. The F-bomb. Twice. I’m really sorry, but that’s not what I watch Star Trek for. I already knew this wasn’t something I could watch with my grandkids and I was okay with that. Dropping the bombs though, that was the writers’ way of saying “I know what you expect from Star Trek, and I’m going to take that away from you. Everything that could be a link to the old series? That’s gone now, this is the new series, for new fans, and we don’t need or want you.”
And I’m okay with that. I gave the show five hours of my life, but it won’t get any more. What I am going to do is go back and watch the episodes of DS9 and Enterprise that I missed, because I know that the writers on those actually valued me. Life is too short to give your attention to people that don’t like you, never forget that.

Until next time
take care guys, and as always, feel free to leave a comment


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