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Writing Journal Day 4

Day 4 began with something of an epiphany: The story, as you’re writing it, is wrong. I’d hit some road blocks as I was assembling the outline, but nothing that really rang any alarm bells. When I came to writing the story that changed drastically. I liked the idea, as well as the concept, as well as the characters, but the location seemed wrong. In the past, that voice would have led me to delete the entirety of the story so far and begin again. Not this time though. With a solid block of time in front of me, I could see how with just a few changes I could easily bring it into line.
I sat back and thought, doodling on my notepad until the thing that had been lurking, or perhaps hiding, at the back of my mind came forwards. Time was what was wrong, added to location. If I moved the piece forward in time, I could deal with the second quarter of my story by adding a segment that had been playing in the old skull cinema. The story would also feed into something else I’ve been thinking about over the last three years.
I began to outline again, moving the characters around, adding a few more that had suddenly become necessary and felt the whole damned thing click into place. What a fantastic feeling. Come the second draft though I’m going to have one hell of a lot of rewriting to do.

Lunchtime and Lil Buddy was eating her pasta (animal shapes, in a white sauce, heavy on the butter) while I flicked through my blog list. First up was Jon Del Arroz’s site. You can find it here. I didn’t really get past this one, though I did have a gander at passive guy, you know, as you do.
I’ve read some of Jons work now, and I can honestly say I like it. I certainly liked For Steam and Country enough to not only buy a copy for myself, but also for my 14-year-old grandson who fits right in with what I hope is the target demographic. Jon wanted to talk about the grief he’s been getting for asking a simple question to a professional magazine.
I’m paraphrasing here but it went something like this “You have, and actively solicit for women only months. When will you do the same for men?”
The question wasn’t answered of course. Instead, he got abuse and vitriol. For daring to ask a question.
Which brings me back around to self-publishing. I take a look at the market for selling books and I don’t see anyone that would be interested in me. Or even a bloke like me. You know, white, wrong side of 30 and straight. Then there’s Amazon, and they’re saying “come to us, self-pub, we don’t give a monkey about any of that stuff. If your works good you’ll sell, if it’s not, well you’ll go hungry. It’s all on you, neighbor!” I can live with that. What I can’t live with is the energy required to have to deal with small minded people who think the way to help people is to say “You’re really not good enough, so what we’re going to do is skew the playing field so that customers think you are.” That’s how you get IYWADML, and its ilk.
My last thought on the matter is: if you thought you weren’t doing something wrong, why would you be so defensive? It’s childish, the behaviour of toddlers not adults, and I should know, right?

Keep up the good work Jon, and neevr forget “Illegitimi non carborundum”.

That’s all for tonight guys.
Take care

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Trumpocalypse: Kathy Griffin and the Trump Head debacle

Brad hitting the nail on the head…as usual.

Brad R. Torgersen

The Kathy Griffin “Trump Head” debacle would seem to be a textbook example of everything that’s gone wrong—in the brains and hearts of American progressives—since November.

Can anyone imagine the absolute furor which would have descended if a significant conservative celebrity (cough, I know they still exist, right?) did a photo shoot featuring a bloody effigy of Obama’s head—or Hillary Clinton’s head—dangling by the hair?

I keep hoping there will be a collective Progressive paradigm shift. When the delusions and the hatred finally disperse, and Progressives see themselves in the mirror—realizing they’ve become exactly the sorts of hateful, vindictive, violent, abusive, bullying, unhinged cretins they claim to be “resisting” during the Trump era.

And, no, Captain Caring, just because you say you’re “compassionate” and “empathetic” toward a sour-Skittles bowl filled with politically-correct Special Victim Identities, this does not give you a free pass to go full-out rage-hatey bugnuts against the…

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